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HazMat Truck Lingen

HazMat Truck Lingen


HazMat Truck

technical specifications


  • "AluPrime" bodywork, covered with aluminium sheet plates
    and closed with shutter system
  • Rear equipment compartment to accommodate 6 trolleys
  • Body is deep-drawn between the axles
  • Foldable steps

Product name HazMat Truck
Chassis Scania P320 B4x2 NZ
Engine power 235 kW (319 HP) EURO 6
Length [in mm] 9160
Width [in mm] 2550
Height [in mm] 3300
Wheelbase [in mm] 5150
Gross vehicle weight [in kg] 18000

  • Pneumatic light mast equipped with 8 x 50 W (24 V) LED head lights, total lightning: 33,600 Lumen
  • Lifting platform, loading capacity: 1,500 kg
  • Storing the HazMat hoses in pipes below the roof
  • Screen workstation and shelving system in the crew compartment
  • LED periphery lighting
  • Colour rear view camera

  • Fast attack "Air"
  • Radio weather station
  • HazMat centrifugal pump
  • High performance fan
  • Portable autonomous body shower
  • Trolley "First Attack"
  • Trolley "Collecting"
  • Trolley "Decontamination"
  • Trolley "Pump"
  • Trolley "Binding Agent"
  • Trolley "Electricity"


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